Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Almost That Time of Year Again...

Regina reminded me... Not that I wasn't already seething in anticipation. There have been more than a few refrains of Carmen Ohio sung here in the last week or so. The little ones have broken out strains of "We don't give a DARN for the whole state of Michigan."

To further build anticipation, this video clip was sent to me on FB.

I'm all for the tribute, but I still expect to win!

I can't wait till kickoff! Go Buckeyes!!


Kim H. said...

Okay, God is good! We've already met real, life Buckeye's here in M-town. The wife is from Worthington -- in fact her parents lived in Worthington Hills, right behind us and her hubby grew up in Cleveland.

They've already got us hooked up with the Alumni Club of Memphis -- so if Leo isn't roadtripping to the shoe, we'll be hanging with some local Buckeyes! :)

Regina said...

clearly made by a navy football player. . .right, cheer them when they take the field, take it to them on the scoreboard ;)

sooooo excited for season to start!

Regina said...

and seeing the team take the field gave me chills. I CANT WAIT. sooo excited to see it all in person. we saw the fiesta bowl in 2006, but seeing it at the shoe is going to be sooooo different.

dont forget, dont reply to this comment via email :)