Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Tea

This year my older girls participated in the Little Women Hospitality Program. Each month the girls met at one members house for a lesson in hospitality. In November we hosted setting a table. Other lessons included correspondence, making a bed, and cleaning a room. The girls favorite lesson was a sewing session where they made tea aprons. For each lesson, the girls earned a charm to place on a charm bracelet.This weekend the girls hosted an afternoon tea for their mothers to demonstrate the hospitality skills they learned through the year. They each made a small dish and then served tea to their mothers. They made invitations and favors and they each had a guestbook for signatures.It was a truly beautiful afternoon. This weekend really reminded me that I need an occasional break from the little ones. I did, of course, have baby Gabe. He is quite the charmer and let all the girls pass him around so Mom could enjoy the good tea, delicious food, and excellent company.

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Herd Momma said...

How sweet. Love the charm bracelet. What a wonderful group. Did you come up with this or is it a program? Would love some info. Hope you are all doing well. Big Hugs.