Saturday, July 9, 2011

When They Are Sixteen

I doubt we will find them each their own car-- for free.
However, at age three, we certainly did. We found these lovely little coupes for them at different times on the same street. They were just sitting by the curb and waiting for a new owner. They were also in need of a good car wash, which dh took care of with this:
His third Father's Day gift, which we really needed because of the stain the mulch left on the driveway. The electric air pump and the remote control motorcycle were also really needed :)
This third gift will clean my windows (hint hint dh) so I guess it was needed. It also did wonders for those poor abandoned cars, and now my little ones have wheels of their own.
Ones they love, and when they do turn sixteen, I'm pretty sure I won't want them to have cars of their own anyway...

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