Friday, September 23, 2011

All On a Friday Afternoon

Before lunch I asked Bophie to pick up a few pencils that had rolled under the kitchen table. I asked again before putting lunch on the table, and again while cleaning up lunch, and again later in the afternoon. Her response? She didn't hear me...

However, later this afternoon, while I was running the vacuum (imagine the noise), and she was clear across the house, I quietly told the baby I would be happy to get him a cup of milk. She came skedoodling as fast as her five-year old feet would carry her and asked, "Can I have some?"
And after an hour and a half of asking this little one to take a nap, I relented and let her come downstairs. Lest you think I'm a softy, I only relented for fear of her waking the napping boys. That would only punish me.
This is what I found five minutes after relenting.

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