Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Behind Bars

These three troublemakers are especially glad the weather is finally warming up. It means they can go outside and burn off their seemingly endless supplies of energy. Oh to be able to bottle that...

See, this morning I was awakened by a teething baby so early that the birds weren't even singing yet. That didn't matter to one little miss who seems to know that she gets mom's undivided attention if she wails at o'dark thirty.

Thinking I'd get a jump on the day, I started breakfast early. Instead of a head start on the day I found this:

Only the picture doesn't do it justice. What I really found was Peter standing on that chair at the counter. He had tipped the Cheerios box and was putting his hand in the box and shoveling the cereal onto the floor. With each swipe he let out an almost maniacal little chuckle. His brothers thought this was quite funny so they joined in the laughing and began dancing in the rainfall of Cheerios. They thought each little crunch under their tiny little feet added to the sheer joy of this glorious event and laughed, sang, and crunch crunch crunched. The dog joined in on the feast with endless munching. I seemed to be the only one not basking in the joy of the moment...

 Now at mid afternoon the teething baby is taking a wonderfully peaceful nap in the sunshine streaming in the window. The boys are playing outside on a glorious day running back and forth and driving toy cars and tonka trucks through the yard.

I'm left wishing I had liquid energy.

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