Monday, December 28, 2009

Four Calling Birds

We have some dear friends who refer to their youngest daughter as "the hen." For some reason dh has always liked this nickname. While yesterday was the day for "three French hens," I have four girls and we aren't French. So perhaps "four calling birds" is more apropos. Either way, the title was just an excuse to post a few pics from Christmas morning. After all it is still Christmas. We are playing Christmas music, enjoying the new fallen snow, and yes I am still eating Christmas cookies- there seems to be an endless supply of them around here.

Juju really enjoyed opening presents, any presents, whether they were hers or not. She just enjoyed finding out what was inside.

Bophie, our princess, needed a new stroller (mostly for Bella) as the old one had seen better days. She and Juju spent the morning racing their strollers around our first floor racetrack.

Bear's smile can light any room. She was the best guesser and knew package contents much too quickly.

Banana was delighted to finally get some new books to read. She found it hard to open new presents and preferred to lose herself in the first book she opened. I think she liked the doll too :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the of luck next guys will be very busy.....I recognized the American Girl dollbox....My daughter, Morgan collects them. Which one did she get?
Lynn(Evelyn Dzikowski Neville)

Herd Momma said...

Audrey got Elizabeth too! She was so happy. I am jealous that your girls love to read so much.
What great pictures and so much fun.
I too am still watching Christmas movies, eating sugar cookies, and enjoying the Christmas Season.