Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

The girls have joked time and time again about my "pregnancy brain." They have, of course, heard this from me. I seem to feel more and more out of it as this pregnancy progresses. During this pregnancy I have received two tickets from red light cameras for running red lights. The thing is, I ran the same light twice-- TWICE!

I also got a notice from the bank this week correcting a deposit I made. It seems the amount I thought I was depositing was about $70 short of what the actual total was. If the bank hadn't caught it, we'd be short that money. Everyone makes those mistakes, but again, this is the SECOND time in a month I have done this. Last time I was almost $100 short. Those who know me well, know these are not the types of mistakes I typically make.

Not only am I making silly absent-minded mistakes, I can't seem to think through or accomplish anything well.

Here I am six weeks from delivering this little one and I am starting to panic. I spent the first part of this pregnancy so overwhelmed at the thought of two little boys. I then went into denial. I threw myself into getting ahead with schoolwork and other projects. Now I am asking myself how I will accomplish all I need to finish in the next few weeks. There are clothes to sort, but I haven't decided how I will organize them. Do I need another dresser or can I make do with what is there? Where will they sleep. Is it better to put the crib together for Joseph and the cradle for the new baby? Or should I just plan on using a pack-n-play? Or do I move Bophie to a big girl bed and let Joseph use the toddler bed? Whatever we decide, all that furniture needs set up and organized.

I thought I was finished Christmas shopping. After a conversation with dh last night, I realized I still had quite a few gifts to pick out. There were some glaring holes in my shopping list. Not only do I have to purchase them, but then I have more wrapping to do. I had thought I was a little ahead in that department. I was also going to order and address Christmas cards this week. I am now wondering if that wasn't some sort of pipe dream. I hope to put in our first batches of Christmas cookies today, but even that is a paltry start.

I also realized I am completely unprepared to start packing dh, Banana, and the necessary items for Joseph and their trip to China. I had totally forgotten about all of the gifts I would need to buy for orphanage workers, registrars, and such. I also had aspirations of sending an extra box of supplies to donate to the foster home Joseph that cared for Joseph. Thankfully I am so blessed to have friends and family who have already given me a good start on clothes for both boys. The last time I really had to worry about clothes was almost 10 years ago when I was preparing for Banana. There is also the question of what supplies Joseph will need. Bottles, sippy cups, snacks, entertainment for a 30 hour flight home?

With Christmas and this trip so close together, and then a birth so soon after that, the crazy ride is really just beginning, I'm wondering if I'll ever think straight again...

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Kim H. said...

Here's what I say. Get another cup of coffee, put your feet up, rub your belly, pray quietly, savor the moment. It'll all happen.

And how exciting. I somehow missed dh was taking Banana with him. What an awesome adventure!

Wish I was close to bring you some Panera and help you wrap. It if makes you feel better I still have a fair amount of shopping to do, ALL the presents to wrap, cards to address (um, and get a picture of the kids, maybe?). I don't spring in to action until the week or so before Christmas. What gets done gets done.