Sunday, July 11, 2010

Banana- Grams

This Friday my oldest daughter, Banana, will hit double digits. I am amazed how quickly this decade has gone. Each day it seems I am surprised again at her growing intellect, beauty, and virtue. She also seems to have her mother's inclination for sarcasm. Lately she has had a few gems worth sharing.

I found some ferns on sale a few weeks ago. I love ferns. I have been hoping to find my favorite variety, the maiden hair fern, but it seems they must be a California specialty because I have never seen them in Ohio. Once I purchased the ferns (plain old Boston variety which are still beautiful), I wanted urns in which to plant the ferns. (Isn't that fun to say, "urns for ferns?") Alas, I was again thwarted as I could not find any suitable urns and had to settle for simple pots. After all this trouble I planted the ferns and placed them next to my front door and realized they were perhaps a bit too large for the front door. I commented that it was as though you were entering a jungle as you walked through the door. Banana pipes up, "It's a good warning for what's in store if they do come in this house." You know what? She's absolutely right... it's a jungle in here.

Later, when asked what she thought about the idea of us adding another little one to our household (this is not being actively pursued at the moment) Banana responds, "It's like glasses in the dishwasher, there's always room for one more!" She has, in fact, been praying for not one but two new babies for us. I am thankful for her generosity and love of life. Isn't it also wonderful she has so quickly learned the importance of a well-loaded dishwasher?


Grandma said...

Happy 10th Birthday to my beautiful, seet Hannah. When's the party?

Love ya,
Grandma Williams

Herd Momma said...

Oh My Gosh! She's a Hoot. How much fun to have around. Happy Birthday Sweet Banana.