Monday, July 5, 2010

Post Fourth Festivities

We had a very full week and weekend. Family visits, fireworks, fun in the sun, for five fantastic days. Now we are exhausted. Today was a transition day, not quite the partying we'd been doing, but not ready for back to work. It was a much needed day of catching up on rest and a beautiful quiet day at home, especially since Dad was off work.

Dinner tonight was a pesto sauce made from the basil in my patio container garden. Last summer I admired the basil on the steps of our parish rectory. Father was kind enough to show me how to tend to my basil and this year we have four beautiful plants. We also had some bread and dipping sauce (thanks mom!), and for dessert an Oreo cream pie. Joseph especially loved his dessert. That kid really loves his dessert.On our way home last night, after saying good bye to family members, Banana told me she wished we could just buy a big plot of land and let everyone we knew and loved build a house on it and be close to us. I thought it sounded like a great idea, I think that is how heaven will be. All those dear to us will be only a thought away. For now are thankful for time we have together, we say our good byes, anticipate future visits, and hope for heaven.

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Kim H. said...

I'd want to be your neighbor, for sure!!!

And yes, Fr. knows how to tend the basil. I'll bet it go so big and lush from all the extra lovin' from the Garden Club people! :)

Happy belated 4th!!!