Monday, March 14, 2011

Pushing Buttons

Last week we were talking about the silly way Juju pronounces Bophie's name. She calls her ooo - wee. Lately though she has taken to calling Bophie ooo-wee-yah. It's so cute, ooo-wee has become a new name for our little Bophie. (** ooo has the sound of oo in hoot)

While very cute, Juju is also quite easily bothered. Here she is letting us know she'll have no part of that beautiful salad on her plate.

As I was telling dh about the added syllable, Bear walked into the room. She said, "I like to call her ooo-wee too."
Bophie is our resident princess which will be highlighted in her belated birthday post which I am trying to finish:)

She paused then added, "Unless I'm mad at her, then I call her Sophia Magdalene!" Said in a manner that strangely mimics my own intonation.

Then she paused again and added, "But if I'm really mad at her, I call her oo-a-licious, mag-duh-la-nee-o, cause she really hates that."

I guess we need to revisit that whole talking nicely for Lent thing...

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ChristineC said...

just a quick comment to say that in that last picture of Bear -- I had to do a double take. she looked just like you!