Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bophie Turns Five

It is hard to believe this sweet girl is already five. For some reason it seemed she would always be my little one. Quiet by nature, she can get lost in the hustle and bustle some days. She is no longer one of the "littles" and yet not quite one of the "bigs" either. Somehow this suits her though. She enjoys playing quietly on her own and would rather not be the center of attention.

She has recently begun the task of learning to read. The only thing holding her back is Mom getting the time to sit down with her. Her love of reading is already apparent, however. Her one request for a birthday gift was a "kid Kindle" to go along with our Christmas theme. We found one, and she has been reading for days.

My girliest- girl, Bophie loves all things pink, pretty, and frilly. She has worn her new princess dress from Grandma every day I would let her. On other days it is always pink, pink, and more pink. Again, this suits this quiet, sweet, little girl. She is my sensitive one who cries at the slightest correction, doesn't talk to anyone she doesn't know well, and generally is happy being unnoticed.

Happy birthday Sweet Sophia. Thank you for blessing our family with your singing, your dancing, your love of all things beautiful, and just being you.

(Thank you Aunt Amy for all the beautiful pictures!)

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