Thursday, August 11, 2011

Park Days

It is an absolutely gorgeous day in our neck of the woods. 
The sun is shining.
The clouds white and fluffy.
The perfect summer day to head to the park.
After a few morning set backs, 
a trip to two different libraries, 
and various errands along the way,
we did just that.
We went to the park.

Within seconds, Juju had to go to the bathroom.
Only there weren't any.
So we made do with a secluded spot.

Within minutes after that, Joseph needed a diaper change.
Another trek back to the car and we were set.

Then before I had finished, Gabe had a horrible blowout.
Another trek back to the car.
Only I had no extra clothes for him since his extra outfit was used last week.
Joseph had issues at the pool.

By this time, I was no longer enjoying fluffy clouds and beautiful temps.
We went home.

We went to the park today and all I got was this picture:

Maybe we'll try again tomorrow :)

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