Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Bophie!

My little girl is already four. It is hard to believe four years have gone by so quickly. All week she has been counting down. "Is today my birthday?" she has asked a bazillion times. This morning she woke me to tell me she was growing up; now she is four. When she is five or eight she won't have to take a nap. I told her when she is thirty-four, she'll rethink the whole nap thing :)

Bophie is my princess. She loves all things girly, tea sets, dolls, princesses, pink. She only wants to wear dresses and skirts, always wants a hair bow, and has a nice collection of charm bracelets. She tells fantastic stories, can imagine anything, and it is so fun to hear the conversations her pretend people have. She is a true mommy's girl (still) and has picked up many of my mannerisms. She talks very emphatically with her hands even when talking to herself.

I have so enjoyed her grow from the toddler age into the preschool stage, but I wish time moved more slowly. I love watching her personality grow, but the transformation seems to have come so quickly. While I look forward to all that awaits her this year, I want her to stay my precious little girl.

Happy Birthday Bophie!

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Anonymous said...

My Kateri turned 17 today March 10th 1993 at 2:59 PM California time our daughter was born. What a joy she has been to our lives... a true treasure sent from HEAVEN.

Happy Birthday to Bophie too!