Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bacon Grease?

DH here. Since Nikki is lounging around the house, napping, and generally taking it easy with the six kids, I thought I'd write a guest blog post while I tirelessly slave here at work.

Last night Banana and Bophie were discussing what to watch on TV. Banana wanted to watch a short documentary on The Bacon Priest and Bophie wanted to watch a more kid-oriented show. The conversation I overheard was: "Banana, why do you want to watch a show on Bacon Grease?"

It's time to get Bophie a hearing test and it's definitely time for my next coffee break.


Nikki said...

Lounging? Napping? I know I'm slow moving lately, but I haven't slept in days (or rather nights)... Just remember it is YOUR sons who are keeping me up all night.

Thanks for the post :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bophie was enjoying the Easter *feast* and had St. Francis's quote on her mind to "smear the walls with meat!" :)

Kim H. said...

You two are too much!!! I'm glad in all the sleep deprivation, you are still finding humor in the every day ordinary. Really, isn't that what it's really all about?! :)

Gotta run -- I've got soaps to watch and bon bons to eat!