Monday, April 12, 2010

Joseph's Surgery--Before

On Wednesday little Joseph will have surgery to repair his cleft palette. Even though he is a fifth child, he entered a house where there has never been any major medical procedures for the children. None of the girls has ever even needed stitches. We have had no major injuries or illnesses. In fact, Banana was eight before we ever had to deal with so much as an ear infection.

I feel inexperienced, unprepared, and anxious about his surgery. I have so many questions, I keep bombarding every hospital worker that calls. At the same time feel like I am not asking some other important questions because I am unaware of what I should be asking. Some things are silly; do I need to pack diapers and jammies? Others seem more important; what qualifies as a soft diet, are sippy cups ok, what complications are common?

The apprehension is also compounded by a little frustration. The hospital has a standing policy about no child visitors and will not allow me to bring little Gabe who doesn't leave my side since he is nursing. The hospital was very dismissive and unsupportive and said we could just give him a bottle. There is a chance the staff will be more lenient, we are praying for that. I can't imagine not being there with Joseph.

Please keep Joseph in your prayers this week. His surgery is Wednesday afternoon and he will most likely be in the hospital for two nights. He will then have a modified diet for quite some time. Also, if you have any good hospital advice for a two year old patient, let me know.


Unknown said...

No advice, just many prayers!

Lisa Reser said...

Hi Nikki, I'll try to answer some of the questions you had on your post. We did bring diapers but not jammies. The jammies would have been ruined with the blood seeping anyway. I just let her wear the hospital gown. The first day she was pretty much out of it with morphine so keeping her busy didn't matter. The next day was a little harder. The hospital we were in had little wagons we could use to walk her around and I did bring some quiet toys/books etc. I told you about our diet but remember all doctors will have their own protocol. I'd just follow what your doc said. I definitely recommend Pediasure though. I think that really helped Rachel not loose any weight. Let me know if you have any other questions. And please call me anytime if I can help in any way at all!

We'll be praying!