Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Staying Cool

We went from record lows earlier this month to record highs the last few days...
Temperatures in the upper 90's today.
Finally the arrival of summer.
Which I would enjoy a little more if our a/c hadn't gone kaput this weekend.
We are drinking lots of water. The sound of fans on high is a constant drum of noise that, while less effective than the a/c, does have the effect of drowning out some of the noise of three little toddlers. We have also taken refuge in the basement.
Today the heat was a little too much for us though, so we abandoned the last of the school work and decided to let the young ones nap in the car and drove to the mall-- I had shoes to return :)
It also seemed the perfect time to renew an old tradition in our home, the summer purchase of sunglasses.
From the time Banana was a toddler, I have taken her to The Children's Place for sunglasses. She would try on six or seven pairs, settle on one, and we would have them for about a week or two. Joseph, for weeks, has been carrying around an old pair of yellow flowered sunglasses so I figured it was time to get him a pair of his own.
I figure my kids might as well look cool as we make our best effort to keep from melting in this heat!

There is no such thing as bad weather. All weather is good because it is God's.
-Saint Teresa of Avila

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