Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mommy's Takin Us to the Zoo Tomorrow

This week's installment of {pretty, happy, funny, real}

 Pretty doesn't begin to describe the weather in our part of the country. The last week and a half have been simply beautiful -- not too hot, not too cold. I felt compelled to take full advantage of such beautiful days and have taken the kids to the zoo three times. The first time I even braved it on my own. The kids behaved so well I even sprung for the train ride, not a typical occurrence for this cheap frugal mom.

My Banana sure is pretty too. Growing much too quickly. She was such a helper as I schlepped all the little ones around at the zoo.

 This little one was quite happy to see a pink bird. Pink being her absolute favorite color.
 And this little one was happy to ride the carousel, which made me very happy. Last year the noise and unfamiliarity of the carousel left her crying and screaming almost the whole time. This year, she asked to ride and although I see a trace of fear in her sweet smile, I was thankful she was willing to try it. By the end she was grinning ear to ear.
 Having this stroller made me happy too. Being able to have all four little ones hop in so we can move a little more quickly made our trips that much more enjoyable. I was tempted to go with a smaller model to save the trunk space, but I have found the convenience of this stroller outweighs the inconvenience of no trunk space.

 Meet Gabe the goat whisperer. I am not sure what these two were talking about, but they were having quite the conversation!

 Joseph my goofball!

 Little boys and snakes. What can be more real than that?

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*kate said...

What a great outing! Looks like a wonderful time :)