Thursday, April 16, 2009

Confessions of a Cheapskate

Those who know me well know I am always on the lookout for a good deal. I have been known to buy things not because they were needed, but rather because I could get them cheaply. I am the person who immediately heads to the back of the store to the sale racks. I know where all my local stores keep their clearance items. I even know the days the grocery stores are most likely to have discounted items. I have been known to call friends in my excitement at a good deal.

I like to say I'm frugal. That sounds so much better than "cheap," but the truth is I am at times... cheap. When I am complimented on an outfit, I can't just take the compliment and say thanks. I have to divulge every little detail about how I came about such a good deal and comment on how "frugal" I am. A good deal is often more important to me than style. This really hit home when a few weeks ago a very, very dear friend was shocked that I bought a pair of dress pants for, believe it or not, full price. They were the right color, they fit well, and I have worn said pair of pants probably 12 times this month. Sometimes it is worth it not to be... cheap.

That said, yesterday my daughters were decked out in new stripy shirts. I got them for a song on the clearance rack at Target (love that store's clearance racks). Every compliment I received about these cute shirts was met with, "You wouldn't believe the deal I got for them." So you can tell me how cute my little girls are, or compliment my frugality. Both will make my day.


Herd Momma said...

You are amazingly frugal in dressing your adorable girls!
We don't have Children's Place or Gymboree in our town. I shop in the bigger cities when we travel and online. I never buy full price. I was shopping online the other day. Audrey comes in and loves something on the screen. Then responds "Oh nuts. It's not on sale. Can you watch it?" So I'm with you babe. And full price for ourselves is not bad. We don't outgrow ours in a season!

Kim H. said...

Um, you girls make me want a sherbet ice cream cone real bad.

As usual, they look adorable!

And do tell about the full-price pants -- we want to know. Where'd you find them? What do you like about them? Would you buy them in every color? ....

Laura said...

I am so ridiculous this way.
How ridiculous?
At my rehearsal dinner, I carried the price tag for my dress around ($8.00) It was a lovely dress and I just couldn't resist saying 8 bucks when someone complimented me.
And my wedding dress?
95 bucks. It was a white prom dress.
So...I'm not only cheap. I'm tacky.