Monday, April 13, 2009

He is Risen!!

Happy Easter Week!

We had an absolutely beautiful Easter Sunday! The girls woke extra early to hunt for baskets. Their excitement was contagious. Even Juliana was excited, she woke up all smiles. I couldn't help but to think how different her life is here. I am sure there was no merry-making occurring in her orphanage, but in our home merriment abounded.

I was convinced that this was finally the year I would stump dh. Every year I think I have the perfect hiding spot for his basket, and every year he finds it too quickly. I hid it in the underside of the recliner, up in the mechanism. There was no way he was going to find it. I had him too. Then my overly precocious six year old managed to move the chair and knock down some of the candy. When she went to clean it up (it was a baby choking hazard), she found my clever hiding spot and gave it away to dh... Note to self- next year tape down the basket and leave no loose candies!

Mass was the highlight of our day. It was beautifully full of spring flowers in contrast to the bareness of Good Friday, and the music was truly amazing. I lingered after Mass wanting to stay there all day to be with Our Lord. I wanted to surround myself with the joy of His resurrection. On our return, I was especially thankful for the lilies at home. It made our mantel a small replica of the altar at church. Banana said they were trumpets heralding the resurrection. She is right!

We also had a wonderful family dinner. Lots of good food, good company, and a fun Easter egg hunt.


Kim H. said...

Great pictures Nikki! It was great to see all you girls and your Easter pink!

And next year, use some saran on dh's basket -- and I'll put my thinking cap to try and help you come up with something real tricky! :)


Regina said...

you guys sound soooo fun!!
great pics