Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Revisiting the Banana Yogurt Dessert

In my Holy Week spring cleaning this morning I came across a lone container of banana yogurt dessert baby food. Loyal readers will remember this episode with this delicious baby food.

This morning, I decided that since Juliana had been doing so much better with solid food I would try it again. The added bonus being that little container is no longer sitting in the dark recesses of my pantry. The result? Pretty much the same as last time. I put the spoon to her mouth, she gagged, then spit it all out. I repeat the process and soon she was beside herself and screaming in frustration.

I set the banana yogurt dessert aside so that Bophie (you remember how well she liked it) could have it after lunch. As Bophie was eating it, look who started yelling. Juliana has this cute num, num, num sound she makes when she wants something. In between her shouts she made that noise and stuck out her tongue for a bite. Bophie fed her a bite or two and she clearly wanted more.

So maybe it isn't the banana yogurt dessert. That stuff is yummy-- I guess it's just me.


Unknown said...

Sooo cute!

Kim H. said...

I guess it's really ALL IN THE DELIVERY! Precious.