Monday, April 13, 2009

Her Mother's Child

The older girls each received a pottery set to paint as an Easter gift. Banana's is a gardening set and Bear's a tea set. Since they are a little older now, I thought it was time to suggest they think through their ideas before actually applying twelve colors of paint that end up melding into one horrible color on their ceramic plates. They seemed to like this idea. They talked about color schemes and patterns, designs they could try, and opened their sets to examine the size and shape of the objects. Within three minutes of me making these suggestions, they had paint open and were starting in full force.

Deciding they were still young, and it was their gift, I walked away. I knew I needed to let them paint. I also knew I had about 15 uninterrupted minutes to finish a project on the computer. As I am typing away, I hear this conversation:

Bear: "How much dark blue have you used?"
Banana: "Dark blue? I won't use dark blue, that's a Michigan color!"

That's my girl... That's.MY.girl.


Kim H. said...

I LOVE IT!!!! That's so classic!

Nikki, you must post more about your LOVE of college football -- I don't think your readers could even comprehend the depths of your addiction -- I mean, your "casual" viewing. :)


Regina said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. you are raising them right.
for Easter we were at a friends house and the big bunny gave them each an egg with play doh in it. somehow mr. bunny put 2 in one basket and skipped one basket. i had to correct the mistake and say 'i think he meant to give this blue one to james and you get this yellow one' to which my child responded "right, because the easter bunny would never have put a yellow egg with a blue egg. that's michigan, yuck"

Laura said...

I'm emailing this to my husband. He HATES Michigan.
(He's went to Michigan State.)

Laura's Husband said...

Your gals are wise beyond their years!!!