Sunday, April 5, 2009

Name the Sign (Installment 2)

Yes, it's a day early...

This sign was on the revolving door to our hotel. We called it the "Don't Jump on Little Kids' Toys Sign." We speculated that this was the hotel's way of saying that only nice people were allowed to stay in their establishment. Seriously, what else could this sign mean?

Banana's take on the sign- Don't leave children playing in the street. Good advice.

Bear says that since we don't know what it means, we just have to wait to ask Juliana. Since she is from China, she'll know.


Kim H. said...

"Watch out for random Matchbox cars?"..... You got me -- but man, do I want to know what all these mean -- and I loved the answer that "J" would know cause she's from China. Hilarious!

Regina said...

well, if it was on the revolving door it is probably saying to hold your kids hands while going through the door and dont let them play in the doorway. BUT, i prefer funny interpretations like: no truck worshipping allowed (only small, non-gas-guzzling, ozone friendly car worshipping allowed)


Herd Momma said...

Oh too funny! That Bear, she crackers me up!!
That sign was for the parents Herd Kids who stay there. Hold on to your kids lady. Don't you know they will cause trouble and trip up some old lady.
I totally love Regina's answer. No truck worshipping! HA!