Friday, February 12, 2010

2 Weeks, 12 Months, and U.S. Citizenship

Can you believe this little one is already two weeks old? It seems like just yesterday (especially with the lingering surgery pain :) ), and yet it seems little Gabriel has always been part of our family. It is amazing how newborns change the space time continuum.

This little one had her final (12 Month) post adoption report finalized this week, of course it was a little late. This should mean that all of the paperwork for her adoption is finally finished.

And this little one, who has been here not quite 3 weeks, has a court appointment scheduled for next week that will make him a U.S. Citizen and add me to his adoption decree. The process has been different since I was unable to travel to pick him up.

The older girls are enjoying their new brothers and the new Wii they got for Christmas...


Herd Momma said...

All things coming together. Yea! I'm so sorry you are still having so much surgery pain. Hope you are able to share the story sometime. I had natural with Audrey,just some IV drugs. Ended up caving and taking epidural with William, then twins were c-section. I'd take the first delivery again anyday.
So excited to hear all your fun family news. Enjoy!

Kim H. said...

Today there was a woman at Mass and Molly said "hey, it's Mrs. D!" I laughed and said "no Molly, she just looks like Mrs. D, but I wish it was Mrs. D!" Cause then I could steal smooches on your babies!!! I miss you and think of you and pray for you every day!

So wonderful to hear life is plugging along -- and I can't believe that baby is two weeks old!!!

Hugs to everyone and glad you're getting meals delivered! You are blessed to have such a great support network!