Monday, February 8, 2010

The Boys

--Subtitled: Four kids three and under and blogging do not make a good combination.

I can't tell you how many times I have sat down to blog these last two weeks. I start a post or try to edit a post but get called away by someone crying, needing to nurse, a diaper change, a nose to wipe, you get the picture. I knew it would be busy, a good busy, but I didn't realize how little time would be left for blogging. Hopefully we are just in the transition phase and that as we ease into a new routine I will be able to find more time to blog.

What a joy it has been to be together as a family with our two little boys. Joseph has been adjusting well. He always seems to have a smile on his face. He laughs with dh, especially when being chased or tickled. While he is still not as comfortable with me, he is warming up. I expect this will take a little longer than it did with Juju since he is older, has bonded with dh, and I am unable to pick him up and rough house with him. He is certainly all boy and likes to run, have someone toss him in the air, and throw anything he can find--after he puts it in his mouth. He has a good appetite too, and while he was quite underweight at his first doctor's visit, I expect he will catch up quickly.

Gabriel is a beautiful little newborn. His biggest difficulty is how much he likes to be held. He seems so content to be snuggled. That is one difficulty I can deal with, especially since we don't know if we will be blessed with another little one. He is also nursing well and sleeping relatively well for a little one not quite two weeks old. I am just trying to soak up all I can of this newborn phase, I know too well it goes by too quickly. The gurgling noises (Gabriel snorts too), the sweet smells, and soft skin. It is so nice to have a newborn in the house again.

I am recovering as well as can be expected. I am still sore, more sore than I remember being with the girls. I suppose that is because this was a more difficult delivery (still working on the delivery post). I am so thankful to have had dh at home last week and my mom here with me this week. Also, our homeschooling group, family, and friends from church have been bringing meals each day. I've said it before but it is worth repeating, we are so incredibly blessed.


Lisa Reser said...

So glad you have a minute to post. I've been wondering how everything was going. I knew I'd never get a chance to talk with you on Sunday at church. Once you're past this difficult stage, just think of all the fun those 3 litte ones are going to have together! Or trouble they'll be getting into! Makes me want to go back to China right now!! And if you figure out how to blog with all you have going on, please let me know the secret. I haven't blogged since last summer and my home isn't nearly as blessed as yours is right now!!

God bless, Lisa

Unknown said...

You've been on my mind and most certainly in my prayers! Post when you can, but enjoy this time...

Herd Momma said...

You go get all those little snuggles you can. We'll still be here and ready to read all about it when you have time. I remember being busy with all the boys when the twins were little. Things would happen that I'd want to remember to post or e-mail family about.Then when I got to the computer I couldn't remember the cute post I had composed in my head. I started writing down little key words/shorthand/funny words kids said. Sometimes it would trigger when I got to the computer and sometimes not. That little Gabriel is too precious. It is so fun seeing boys on your blog. You are an amazing Mom. Remember the dirt, laundry, bills, aughs of life will still be around when the little snuggle buddies are big. So snuggle now. Do what you can. And fill us in when it works. Package heading out to you today. cyber hug {{{{{{{Nikki}}}}}}}}