Friday, February 19, 2010

Juju Turns Two!!

Happy Birthday little Juju! Can you believe this little one is already two? It is amazing how fast this year with her has gone. She is becoming such a sweet heart. Her vocabulary is exploding, it is so fun to hear her say new words. It is also amazing to watch her personality bloom. She has such a tender heart and yet is so stubborn at the same time.

She loves to care for baby Gabriel, yesterday she asked (without words) if she could nurse him. She is first in line with a needed diaper, or wipes, or even socks. She constantly brings Joseph his sippy cup, and will hug or comfort him when he falls or bumps into something (which seems to be every 5 minutes).

At the same time, she is insistent things be done her way. She and I had a battle of wills about her napkin being left on her high chair tray. She prefers I hold onto it and hand it to her 26 times a meal. I prefer it stay on her tray for easier use. Of course I won (don't mess with the big dog, the big dog always wins), but it was amazing how willful she could be. She tells us what she wants to wear and when she wants to be held. She is quite the cuddle bunny too. I have so enjoyed this last year and I look forward to watching her grow this year.

Today, I also want to pray for Juju's birth parents and family. It is hard to imagine what circumstances were for this family two years ago, but they must need our prayers. I am sure they have no idea that their little, beautiful, darling child is loved and cherished by a new family and parents who thank God each day for blessing them with this amazing, sweet girl.


The Apostolate of Hannah's Tears said...

she is quite the beauty! But of course your whole family is beautiful.

Lots of love and many prayers!

Unknown said...

She is beautiful! And flourishing in your family!

Kim H. said...

Wow! I can't belive the little bug is two already. Seems just like yesterday we were meeting her at Christmas Mass. :)

Hugs to Juju on her special day (belated -- I'm behind on my blog reading...) and we send our love to everyone.

KHM said...

So glad you dropped by. Juju has grown too, and it is good to see your new boys settling in too.

It does go by fast!