Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two New Christians

What a beautiful Sunday we had as our sons officially ended their pagan phases and became new little Christians.
Little Gabriel slept contentedly all through Mass. I did not want to break our cardinal baby rule (NEVER wake a sleeping baby) during Mass, so he was quite upset and hungry when I had to wake him to put on his baptismal gown before the ceremony. Despite this, he only let out a few small cries as the cold water initiated him into the Church.

Joseph was quite the active, curious little boy he always is. Of course, just to cement our initiation into the world of boys, he is sporting a nice shiner for his baptism. The day before our court date to readopt him and five days before his baptism, he fell off the girls' bed and hit the headboard. I kept hoping it would heal. Instead it was a nice hue of brown and yellow to match his pants and tie.
Despite boys being boys, it was a beautiful ceremony. We are blessed with a wonderful parish family. Knowing the boys were finally official members of the Church, I even felt comfortable speeding home to pull out all the good food for our celebration :)
Now there are two extra guardian angels watching over our family home.


Allison said...

Congrats on their baptisms! That's wonderful that both boys could be baptized on the same day!

Regina said...

so awesome! congrats

Herd Momma said...

1-It's not a true family pic if there isn't atleast one kid(boy) with a bruise, scratch, bump or dirt.
2-That couple holding the boys are 'adorable!' The Momma in these pictures is sure precious too. Don't know if you can beam any bigger Nikki. And beam you should.
3-Guardian Angels. Here's my thought. I have teased that the Kerr Herd has a Herd of angels to go along with them. I know they are stong beings who can handle anything but sometimes I swear I hear one of them cry Uncle and ask to be tagged out. Like the time Joseph's angel was working over time at a football game. Finally we were going home then realized we could go on the field to welcome the College team back on after half. Fans make two lines and hold out their hands to slap hands with the team. That's all well and good until the mascot runs by and your 4 year old takes off after him. THEN when the ram stops your son decides to turn around and follow. There he is heading straight into a Herd of football players. TAG~!~ I got him out alive but I so need a break.
And 5th - Many Blessings to your adorable family. I have pulled the pic of Gabriel up on my blkberry I don't know how many times to show him and the pick of the kids just below the hat picture, to all my friends.
Congrats to the boys. Enjoy! Let the Frat House Parties BEGIN! (Love that post too.)