Monday, July 20, 2009

Back to the Grind

I wish the title meant I was starting the day with a nice cup of caffeinated coffee, but that will have to wait a little while. Instead it means that now that VBS is over it is back to the business of summer. I wish that meant lazy days of swimming and parks, but today it means we are back to all the tasks I must tackle before starting the new school year. These include organizing the study and all the schooling materials, deep cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing down all the woodwork in the house, and a handful of other tasks.

The problem is I am down my biggest helper. Poor Banana has a pretty serious sore throat. I think something was going around at VBS. Put a bunch of kids together, have them play hard and wear them out, and you're bound to get a few casualties. Unfortunately, I am right there with her. I have developed some sort of cold that is driving me batty. My nose is like a faucet and a few days ago it moved to my chest and I have spent the last two nights hacking. I fear the younger siblings are soon going to be down for the count as well.

None of this bodes well for getting the house in order. Dh commented that the house needed a little tlc. I told him to give me a week or two. I paused then said "Remember when it only took a day or two to get things back together? Now that has turned to weeks..." At the rate we're moving here, it may just not happen.


Unknown said...

I know the feeling! I need to find the energy to get things cleaned up around here!

Kim H. said...

Oh honey, how I wish I was close -- I'd bring some Panera to make you all feel better. :(

Glad VBS was great -- sounds like it turned out well. We're still trying to find our parish nitch. Another :( -- we miss St. P's.

The house stuff will still be there -- as for the time spent with your kids -- that, you can't ever get back. Snuggle them up, read some books, take a nap. The rest can wait.

Love and miss you all terribly!