Wednesday, July 15, 2009

VBS Week...

It is the girls favorite summer week-- VBS. My girls look forward to this all year round. It is hands down one of their absolute favorite activities and this year has not disappointed. I am only hoping for the strength to keep it up all week, no rest for this snack lady.

Banana and Bear are VBS veterans and can't wait to see what each year brings. Banana was able to go to church to help set-up this year and she just couldn't get over how the Moms are able to transform the Parish Center into a kid haven. She was so impressed with all the decorations. Bear is a fan of the snacks (my station), she enjoys the food creations each day. We made lion faces on Tuesday and she couldn't get over how cute they were.

This is Bophie's first year as a participant. Last year she was a part time nursery attendee (by Friday she was with me in the kitchen), so I was a little worried about her staying with her group. She did really well. There were a few morning time balkings, but as soon as I mentioned the singing she was willing to stay. You would've thought her favorite station would have been snacks where she would see her mother each day, but the girl l.o.v.e.d the singing and the little movements to the songs and snacks never stood a chance.

Juliana was supposed to be my nursery attendee this year. By Wednesday the girl cried when she saw the door to the library-turned-nursery. She spent most of the week in the backpack. With all the weight I am gaining (have I mentioned how much I dislike the hormones I must take), my back is aching from trying to manuever with her. In any case, I believe she is really enjoying the week too. I think she likes all the action. I think she also likes that I am carrying her all the time. She likes the constant snack intake as well. For a little girl, she can really pack away the snacks.

With only a few days left I have mixed emotions. I think I enjoy the week almost as much as the girls. I like seeing the excitement and happiness of the kids, I like helping them with snacks, I like visiting with the other moms. I really enjoy VBS. On the other hand, this year has been a little difficult. I am tired from the pregnancy, I think I may be coming down with a cold (200 kids in one building is bound to bring out a few germs), and I am a little frazzled with the remaining paperwork (mostly mailing documents which you would think would be easy, but of course is made complicated) for Joseph's adoption. I'd like to say next year will be better, but I think with all the changes we will experience this year, who knows what's in store....

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