Friday, July 24, 2009

My Family is Getting Bigger

When Banana and Bear were little we made an attempt to go to Mass each morning. It meant getting a later start to the day, but since we were only doing a few hours of school each day, Mass provided the perfect start to our day and it helped to give us a routine. Once a week, usually Fridays, I would take them to breakfast at Panera. We would get a few bagels, I would have a cup of coffee, and the girls would talk, and talk, and talk. I looked forward to those days almost as much as the girls. We became such regulars the workers knew us by name.

Now that school and outside activities claim more of our time, our trips to Panera have become fewer and farther between. I bet this school year we made it only two or three times. Dh has started to take them to the beyond early o'clock Mass and then they go through a drive through and bring home breakfast for all of us. So even on days when we would go to Mass, I couldn't justify the expense of another breakfast out.

Today, though, we all were feeling a little better and made it out to Mass. It was such a beautiful morning I decided to take them for bagels. I now have to order a whole bagel pack, but at least there are leftovers (I am thinking dinner of tuna melts on an asiago cheese bagel sounds delish). I really enjoyed the girls chatting. They always seem to find crazy topics of conversation. I enjoyed watching little Bophie try to finish an entire cinnamon crunch bagel with cream cheese, even though it took an eternity. Little JuJu was also very pleasant, she loved the cup with a straw and the bagel-- especially the hazelnut cream cheese.

No less than four different people commented on how I have my hands full. One well meaning gentleman joked about my free time. I don't take offense at these comments, but I sometimes feel a little uncomfortable feeling like a spectacle when I walk my well behaved children into a restaurant. On occasion, I just want to be a little less conspicuous. One woman on the way out made my day, though. She saw how helpful my older girls were getting the little ones in the car and remarked, "Four girls... Life doesn't get any better than that." This morning, it really felt like it doesn't.

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Regina said...

just wait until your are showing, especially if you have joseph by then!! oh the looks! ugh, the looks