Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bath Night

Why is it after bathing four young girls and a dog I feel as though I need a shower too? Aren't baths supposed to make you clean? And if everyone is getting clean why is it that my bathroom looks like a tornado went through it when we are done? Who knew it could take an entire evening and the bathroom is still waiting for me to pick up?

And since I am asking so many unanswerable bathroom questions, how is it my girls get any toothpaste in their mouths since I find so much all over the bathroom? It's on the sink, numerous towels (we all know I love the extra laundry), the counter, the bathmats, and the floor. I also have a clever marketing idea for toothpaste manufacturers. Why not make it clear? Why make it bright, eye catching blue so that everyone who walks past the bathroom knows what a mess my kids have made with the toothpaste? Really, I fall for every gimmick out there, I am sure I would buy "easier to clean toothpaste."

They had fun, though. Little JuJu will start tugging at her clothes the minute we walk into the bathroom. She yells too, one cannot get her in the tub fast enough. Bophie likes to stay in until her fingers are wrinkled. Even though the older girls shower pretty much on their own, an eavesdropping mom hears lots of giggles and squeals, and somehow the floor is inevitably soaked when she goes in to bathe the younger crowd. I suppose they are all clean, and some fun was had, so a little cleaning up afterwards is a small price to pay, right?

Off to clean said bathroom....


Kim H. said...

Funny, my Mom and I just had this conversation about toothpaste in the sink. It seems my Dad and my brothers still don't know how to rinse it down the sink. I fear it's not going to get any better for any of us!

Herd Momma said...

I can't believe I've missed so many post. I'll have to come back later and read the others. But had to comment here with a big AMEN. The twins always flood the bathroom. It doesn't matter how little water I put in the tub. The bathroom will be soaked. Once I found it running out the door! They have seen this toothpast dispenser thing on TV they think they need. 'so we won't make a mess.' HA! I don't think it's possible. If I happen to find one at Walgreens I might be tempted. We'll see. I'll report if I get one. But, you know. When I see kids of single kid families I realize that I'll take the water, the tooth paste, the arguing, the messes because the time all together so makes up for it. So we enjoy them. teach them to clean what they can and not worry. Because as Kim reports they won't change! God Bless.