About Us

This my take some time to complete. There are six little ones in constant need of attention. As I begin this page two are napping, one playing quietly, another doing schoolwork, one I am trying to entertain by throwing cookies in his general direction, and a last one waiting for me to answer a question about her schoolwork. Needless to say this page will be built in installments.

January 2010

I began this blog in August 2008. I had been reading a few blogs of friends and I was looking for a way to keep family informed of our coming adoption and trip to China. I also was looking to keep some record of the sweet and crazy antics of our growing family. At that time I had three beautiful girls nicknamed Banana, Bear, and Bophie. We were also well into the adoption process for a fourth little girl which we had begun in March 2005 (before Bophie). 

This blog has seen many changes to our family. In December 2008 we brought home little Juju after a trip of a lifetime. Her adoption changed our family and our hearts forever. We knew right away we would adopt again. Since our first adoption had taken almost four years, we jumped in for another adoption a few months later thinking we would be waiting again. We were beyond surprised when one DAY later we were matched with a little boy, Joseph, whose adoption took around ten months. A month or two into his adoption paperwork chase, we found out we were expecting as well. In January 2010 Joseph came home from China and five days later little Gabriel made his debut. 

While this year has been one of learning to function with so many little ones, our hearts are still called to adoption. Only God knows what the future holds for our very blessed family.

Our Family

Gabriel, affectionately referred to as Gaby Baby, the current baby of the family born in January 2010. We were surprised with his pregnancy as we were already a few months into the paperchase for Joseph's adoption. He has been my easiest litle baby and I joke he's just aware he's number six. He's an all around good-natured little boy, unless he's teething then all bets are off. He scoots rather than crawls, but when the basement door opens watch out because he scoots at lightning bolt speed. He enjoys getting into the cabinet under the sink, grabbing Mom's little hairs on the back of her neck, and pony rides (not real pony rides, the ones at Mom and Dad's expense). He smiles and smiles and smiles and we constantly hear he should be a baby model. He is a cutie.

Joseph is our bundle of energy. Born in April 2006, he joined our family in January 2010 five days before Gabe's birth. It was an amazing month for our family. He has a contagious sweetness if you can get him to stop and flash one of his amazing little smiles. He gives hugs like no one else. He is Daddy's boy, and Grandpa's boy, and Mom is ok if neither of them are around. He runs, he bangs, he throws, he epitomizes little boy. He loves trucks, trains, cars, anything with wheels. He lines them up, he drives them around, he even falls asleep running them up and down his pillow. 

Juliana, Juju, is our sweet, joyful girl. Born in February 2006, she joined our family in December 2008. We waited almost four years for this precious girl and were thankful to arrive home with her on Christmas Eve, what a gift she is. She is as feminine as Joseph is masculine. Feminine in her stature, in her mannerisms, in her interests. She loves a pretty dress, chapstick, and anything yellow. While as sweet as can be, she also is very particular. She likes things to be done her way and often voices this louder than anyone. Sometimes I am amazed someone so little can make such a commotion. She is watchful over her younger brothers and I am thankful sometimes she is so loud as she alerts me quickly to impending troubles as she monitors her brothers' activities. 

Bophie (Sophie bo bophie to us) was born in March 2006. After two consecutive miscarriages we were told to wait before trying again, we found out a week later about Bophie's pregnancy. Many tears of joy were shed the day I first saw her heart beating. Since then, she has held a special place in my heart. She is our quietest and shiest child. I remember that as a babyt

I'm still working in installments, the baby is fussing now and needs Mom's attention. Then there is laundry, bathrooms to clean, floors to sweep, and schoolwork to grade.