Monday, December 13, 2010

Two Years Ago

Dh and I were in China, on the thirtieth floor of a hotel, waiting to meet our newest daughter for whom we had waited more than three years.

Today I was thinking about how fast these two years have gone. How much our lives have changed. It seems forever ago that we were so anxiously waiting to see this beautiful girl's face. How long that wait seemed, how I would check for news, how I longed to hold her.

Now she is with us, and all those anxieties have melted. Each day I am blessed with her smiles, her budding personality, her amazing sweetness. She was definitely "Worth the Wait."

The music is a song by Tia Ciferno on her Heaven Sent album. Her sister is a member of our homeschooling group, she gave me this CD when Gabe was born. It is beautiful. Every song was touching.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Snapshot of My Morning

  • Get everyone up, dressed, and breakfasted.
  • Start older girls finishing up school so we can start our Christmas break.
  • Sort through box of new sweaters and dresses from Grandma for our Christmas pictures.
  • Double check my Christmas sweater will arrive today for Christmas pictures.
  • Locate appropriate pants, tights, hair clips, socks, skirts, undershirts, etc to go with sweaters for six kids so I am ready for Christmas pictures.
  • Plan bath time, hair cuts, and laundry so we are ready for Christmas pictures.
  • Walk around the house looking for any appropriate spot to hold a family of eight for Christmas pictures.
  • Vacuum stairs in preparation for Christmas pictures.
and then:
  • Clean up blood, and ice down goose egg on a little boy's forehead, because tomorrow we take Christmas pictures.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bear Turns Eight

It is hard to imagine eight whole years have passed since the day this little one brightened my life with her birth.

Each day little Bear seems to be growing into a more beautiful girl. She is still my fiery, active, always moving little girl, but it seems hardly possible she is already eight years old. Already a good student, a big help around the house, and a favorite playmate of my little ones. I am so blessed to have this sweet girl for a daughter.
Today, as I have on all of her birthdays, I entrust her to the care of our heavenly mother. She has such a special day for her birthday! I pray for her continued growth in virtue and am thankful for another year with her.
Bear's birthday also ushers in our birthday marathon. We have five months of birthdays, so this scene will be played out often in the next few months.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas

My children had a wonderful party at our parish over the weekend. They made beautiful cards and ornaments, and the party was capped with a visit by the jolly fellow himself. The girls enjoyed the crafts, Mom and Dad enjoyed visiting with friends, Joseph enjoyed the snacks. Since dh forgot the camera, good friends stepped in to take some pictures of my crew. We are blessed with many, many wonderful friends willing to lend a helping hand and save poor dh from the wrath of an over tired Mom who spent a frazzled morning getting everyone picture ready.There were so many flashing cameras it was as if we were surrounded by paparazzi. Joseph particularly enjoyed all the attention.
In the excitement, he decided to go for the laughs of his captive audience.
Mom and Dad had to step in and put an end to the hullaballoo.
I have a feeling Joseph is going to add some real excitement to our holiday season.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

O Captain, My Captain

This, I am blessed to say, is my wonderful dh. Today the "old" man is entering his late 30's. For his birthday I mopped the floor, allowed him to get nap, and the girls bought him new dishcloths (mostly because his flat panel tvs came two weeks ago). For his birthday dinner he wants take-out pizza and a cold beer, no cake-just rice pudding. All that, and the picture, say a lot about this man don't they?

Happy Birthday Dh! I am so glad to share another year with you!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Overheard at the Dinner Table

Bear asks, "Why is there a pink candle on our Advent wreath? What is it for?

Banana responds in a very knowing tone of voice, "It's for Al dente Sunday."

This on a night we were having lasagna for dinner...