Monday, December 13, 2010

Two Years Ago

Dh and I were in China, on the thirtieth floor of a hotel, waiting to meet our newest daughter for whom we had waited more than three years.

Today I was thinking about how fast these two years have gone. How much our lives have changed. It seems forever ago that we were so anxiously waiting to see this beautiful girl's face. How long that wait seemed, how I would check for news, how I longed to hold her.

Now she is with us, and all those anxieties have melted. Each day I am blessed with her smiles, her budding personality, her amazing sweetness. She was definitely "Worth the Wait."

The music is a song by Tia Ciferno on her Heaven Sent album. Her sister is a member of our homeschooling group, she gave me this CD when Gabe was born. It is beautiful. Every song was touching.


Dove said...

I especially love the photo of her madder than all get out in her bumble bee costume. I can see humor in that kind of stuff. Congratulations on two years of welcoming a precious little girl into your family.

KHM said...

We were just commenting it has been 2 years! We met JJ on the 14th and adopted on the 15th. I will never forget how cold we were - a problem you did NOT have!

Julia was so tiny when you got her - still is I guess, but I actually was a bit worried cause she was soooo small!

She looks good now!