Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bear Turns Eight

It is hard to imagine eight whole years have passed since the day this little one brightened my life with her birth.

Each day little Bear seems to be growing into a more beautiful girl. She is still my fiery, active, always moving little girl, but it seems hardly possible she is already eight years old. Already a good student, a big help around the house, and a favorite playmate of my little ones. I am so blessed to have this sweet girl for a daughter.
Today, as I have on all of her birthdays, I entrust her to the care of our heavenly mother. She has such a special day for her birthday! I pray for her continued growth in virtue and am thankful for another year with her.
Bear's birthday also ushers in our birthday marathon. We have five months of birthdays, so this scene will be played out often in the next few months.


Dove said...

What a great day for a birthday! Happy Birthday from the Erich family...especially Miss E!

Melissa's Heart said...

Catie is such a blessing to us all. Thank you for letting us be a part of her day!