Friday, December 10, 2010

A Snapshot of My Morning

  • Get everyone up, dressed, and breakfasted.
  • Start older girls finishing up school so we can start our Christmas break.
  • Sort through box of new sweaters and dresses from Grandma for our Christmas pictures.
  • Double check my Christmas sweater will arrive today for Christmas pictures.
  • Locate appropriate pants, tights, hair clips, socks, skirts, undershirts, etc to go with sweaters for six kids so I am ready for Christmas pictures.
  • Plan bath time, hair cuts, and laundry so we are ready for Christmas pictures.
  • Walk around the house looking for any appropriate spot to hold a family of eight for Christmas pictures.
  • Vacuum stairs in preparation for Christmas pictures.
and then:
  • Clean up blood, and ice down goose egg on a little boy's forehead, because tomorrow we take Christmas pictures.

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