Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Post About Posts

** UPDATE: I stayed up too late and was able to post a few of my missing posts.
A Visit with Kate
All I Want for Christmas

Where, oh where, have all the posts gone? The post about our Fourth of July celebrations? The post about a visit from cousins? The post about Joseph's missing teeth? Kitchen updates? Summer activities? Visits with good friends?

Some posts are words waiting for pictures, others are pictures waiting for words. Some are just ideas rolling around in my jumbled brain.

I do hope to get some time to get at least a few *real* posts out there soon.

A Visit with Kate

(and her family too)

This past weekend, we had the chance to meet up with a family we met during our trip to China to bring Juliana home. Their daughter, Kate, was in the same orphanage as Juju and is just three days older. We hadn't seen them since our first trip to China and were so excited they were coming near us to visit family.

We had a full day of swimming, good food, various water crafts (dh rode a wave runner for the first time and had a blast), and most importantly catching up and visiting with an absolutely wonderful family. We were so busy we didn't take nearly enough pictures. We did attempt to take one of the girls together.
Here Kate checks out Juju.

Then Juju sizes up Kate.

Juju decides to be a ham for the camera.

They both then decide they've had enough.

Once there was popcorn involved, there was no chance for a good photo...

So we'll settle for a shot of the two families at the end of a fun-filled day in the sun.

The journey to China for Juliana's adoption was truly an amazing trip of a lifetime, an experience that brought so many memories. The opportunity to share it with such wonderful people was icing on the cake for us.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Banana- Grams

This Friday my oldest daughter, Banana, will hit double digits. I am amazed how quickly this decade has gone. Each day it seems I am surprised again at her growing intellect, beauty, and virtue. She also seems to have her mother's inclination for sarcasm. Lately she has had a few gems worth sharing.

I found some ferns on sale a few weeks ago. I love ferns. I have been hoping to find my favorite variety, the maiden hair fern, but it seems they must be a California specialty because I have never seen them in Ohio. Once I purchased the ferns (plain old Boston variety which are still beautiful), I wanted urns in which to plant the ferns. (Isn't that fun to say, "urns for ferns?") Alas, I was again thwarted as I could not find any suitable urns and had to settle for simple pots. After all this trouble I planted the ferns and placed them next to my front door and realized they were perhaps a bit too large for the front door. I commented that it was as though you were entering a jungle as you walked through the door. Banana pipes up, "It's a good warning for what's in store if they do come in this house." You know what? She's absolutely right... it's a jungle in here.

Later, when asked what she thought about the idea of us adding another little one to our household (this is not being actively pursued at the moment) Banana responds, "It's like glasses in the dishwasher, there's always room for one more!" She has, in fact, been praying for not one but two new babies for us. I am thankful for her generosity and love of life. Isn't it also wonderful she has so quickly learned the importance of a well-loaded dishwasher?

Friday, July 9, 2010

All I Want for Christmas

But wait, it's only July you say. Poor Joseph will be singing that song about his two front teeth for many Christmases to come, that is when he finally starts talking.

After lunch one day, his mouth started bleeding. Bleeding a lot. His teeth were also perpendicular to his gums. It wasn't pretty. I quickly started making phone calls and directing the girls to help load everyone in the van. Thank goodness I have such helpful older girls. I then took him to the dentist, both of us covered in blood and sweat. Dh met us there as I was pretty sure no waiting room was ready for me and all the kiddos. Besides, Joseph is Daddy's boy. Dh would be much better at comforting him.

The teeth had to come out. Both dh and I were caught a little off-guard when the dentist casually asked for the extractors and started pulling them out in mid-conversation. No warning, no anesthetic, just a quick couple pulls as dh was holding little Joseph who cried very little considering what was happening to his mouth. Dh did not fare as well as our Joseph. He turned gray, had to leave and put his head down, asked for a garbage can. I really thought he wasn't going to make it without passing out. This man who has watched all of my c-sections (at Gabe's birth he was asked to step back) and never seemed bothered, could not handle seeing Joseph's teeth pulled.

We had taken Joseph to a new dentist's office at our family dentist's suggestion. She was a pediatric dentist who could see us right away. The girls all liked her office and wanted to go there themselves until they heard Joseph had to have his teeth pulled. Then none of them wanted to go back-- ever. Banana said it was especially unfair for Joseph because he didn't even know about the tooth fairy!

We still aren't sure what caused his teeth to fall out. He hadn't fallen, he really never cried as though he was in pain. We were all taken aback by how his teeth looked since he didn't seem to be hurt. In fact, I couldn't get him to leave them alone until we got to the dentist. It is possible it is a result of the cleft, or the palate surgery. We will now watch his teeth a little more closely, especially as his adult teeth come in. Until then we can sing about the teeth

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Appliance Saga Continues

A few months ago I blogged about the demise of our washer and dryer and their beautiful, large-capacity replacements. I, unfortunately, got so busy with summer activities that I haven't had a chance to document our ongoing appliance woes. I'll attempt to remedy that with this post.

Maybe a month and a half after our washer went kaput, dh was getting ready to run the dishwasher. This is dangerous territory for him because I am the master dishwasher loader around here. I know exactly how to pack every square inch of that thing. He'd been working out and apparently didn't know his own strength. When he went to close the soap container, the whole piece broke off in his hand and then broke into tiny little pieces. Since we had a dinosaur of a dishwasher, we opted for a new one rather than attempting any repairs.

Isn't she lovely, built in hard disposal, movable racks, sanitizing settings, and boy is she ever quiet. In this house anything that is quiet wins brownie points with me.

The next day, the very next day after breaking our dishwasher, dh was helping with dinner. He went to remove the veggies from the microwave when I hear him gasp, "I am not doing this on purpose!" Did I mention he'd been working out? I turn to find he has pulled the handle off the microwave. He had earlier joked since the new dishwasher was stainless, we should start replacing all the kitchen appliances. Little did I know he'd significantly help that process along.

Today, this baby was replaced. We have disliked it since the day we moved here. The towel is my feeble attempt to hide an un-cleanable door. A few years ago the element died as I was baking Christmas cookies. Then a month ago dh started a pretty good grease fire. It survived our batters, but it has never been the same.The big-box home improvement store intsaller recognized me when he arrived. We are sort of memorable. I am not sure there are too many houses with six little ones circling the poor guy as though they were Indians dancing around a tribal fire. Everyone is curious what he is doing. The little ones never stop moving underfoot and the older ones shoot out question after question. If that weren't memorable enough, I am sure the sight of me frantically trying to clean areas that haven't seen the light of day in many years was. I shudder to post this picture, but for posterity's sake, look at the dirt, even a refrigerator magnet, and a crayon. How did those things get there?Here's the new stove. It came today, sight unseen to me. Dh picked it out himself. He does a substantial amount of cooking around here. I'm the day-to-day cook, he's the anything special chef. We definitely eat better on his days. He also had the time to research and look at these things. Somehow I don't think I would get much accomplished while out with all six children. I spent half the afternoon reading the manual. I have a meeting tonight, but dh will be trying out the new convection oven after dinner tonight. He's making zucchini bread, our first fruits from the summer garden. It may take me a month to figure out all the features.
Stay tuned as the sequel to The Appliance Saga continues with continued kitchen improvements in New Granite Countertops...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Post Fourth Festivities

We had a very full week and weekend. Family visits, fireworks, fun in the sun, for five fantastic days. Now we are exhausted. Today was a transition day, not quite the partying we'd been doing, but not ready for back to work. It was a much needed day of catching up on rest and a beautiful quiet day at home, especially since Dad was off work.

Dinner tonight was a pesto sauce made from the basil in my patio container garden. Last summer I admired the basil on the steps of our parish rectory. Father was kind enough to show me how to tend to my basil and this year we have four beautiful plants. We also had some bread and dipping sauce (thanks mom!), and for dessert an Oreo cream pie. Joseph especially loved his dessert. That kid really loves his dessert.On our way home last night, after saying good bye to family members, Banana told me she wished we could just buy a big plot of land and let everyone we knew and loved build a house on it and be close to us. I thought it sounded like a great idea, I think that is how heaven will be. All those dear to us will be only a thought away. For now are thankful for time we have together, we say our good byes, anticipate future visits, and hope for heaven.