Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas

My children had a wonderful party at our parish over the weekend. They made beautiful cards and ornaments, and the party was capped with a visit by the jolly fellow himself. The girls enjoyed the crafts, Mom and Dad enjoyed visiting with friends, Joseph enjoyed the snacks. Since dh forgot the camera, good friends stepped in to take some pictures of my crew. We are blessed with many, many wonderful friends willing to lend a helping hand and save poor dh from the wrath of an over tired Mom who spent a frazzled morning getting everyone picture ready.There were so many flashing cameras it was as if we were surrounded by paparazzi. Joseph particularly enjoyed all the attention.
In the excitement, he decided to go for the laughs of his captive audience.
Mom and Dad had to step in and put an end to the hullaballoo.
I have a feeling Joseph is going to add some real excitement to our holiday season.

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