Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm sure she'll love this story when she's sixteen

Do you know what my dear, sweet, darling, potty training, third child did?

She tinkled on the floor!

I know you are thinking she did this because she is just learning to control these bodily functions. You may think I am overreacting, little ones often have accidents when learning to use a toilet. The thing is, she did it on purpose-- on purpose.

Not because she was curious, not because she didn't know better, not because it seemed fun. She did it because she was upset her sister was using her bathroom (there are three of them in this house). Where she got the notion that my conveniently located downstairs bathroom was hers is beyond me.

Talk about sibling rivalry...

On a more serious note, please continue to pray for my little sister. She has been diagnosed with heart failure. She expected to hear she had pneumonia and this has completely floored our family. We are now waiting to see how she will respond to the medications.


Laura said...

OH my goodness.
I just paused and said a Hail Mary for your sister.

Kim H. said...

When I crawl in to bed here in just a few minutes, I will offer my rosary for your sister.

And you must join in on my "Friday Funnies" series. :)