Monday, March 23, 2009

A Proud Mom

Yesterday was our homeschooling group's annual Speech Meet. It is a forum for the children to get a little public speaking experience. It has always been one of my favorite events and this year proved to be one of the best yet. There was singing, a little dancing, funny poems, tongue twisters, prayers (in Latin no less), and more.

Last year Bear worked for months memorizing her poems, she looked forward to getting up and reciting them. When the moment came, she froze. This year, she worked even harder. She memorized two longer poems and worked on saying them slowly. When the moment came, she froze. Then she took a deep breath and delivered them beautifully. She spoke slowly and clearly and gave one of the best recitations of "The Puffin" I have ever heard. Of course I am biased...

Banana did equally as well. She is becoming a pro at this. I was a little more worried this year because she chose two very lengthy poems. We had memorized the first in the fall while working on American History and I was afraid she would switch the stanzas since we were so late in beginning our review. She delivered beautifully. Her second recitation was "I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud" which is often called "The Daffodils." It was a most fitting poem for such a nice spring day and though she had to quickly learn the last stanza this week, she did a fantastic job.

The moderator (me), on the other hand, was not so adept at the whole public speaking thing. Dh confirmed my suspicions at home last night that I had managed to overkill a joke-- I just couldn't let it go. Those dear children and their families were subjected to my poor sense of humor, my talking too fast, and general uncomfortableness with a microphone. At least the food and coffee were good, and the kids were entertaining.

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