Monday, March 16, 2009

My Dear Girl

I took Banana and Bear with me to visit my sister last Monday after she had been diagnosed with heart failure. As a mom, I wanted to protect them from the worries that accompanied all the questions and uncertainties about Aunt M's health, but I knew they were concerned and it might help just to visit.

Banana has a good habit of putting the letters JMJ (this is shorthand for Jesus, Mary, and Joseph pray for us) at the top of all of her schoolwork pages. I had noticed that Monday, after hearing that Aunt M was pretty sick all her schoolwork had JMJ Pray for Aunt M. I was touched that she was so concerned for her aunt and I was proud of her for remembering to do all she could for her aunt.

I was especially touched that evening though. As we sat in my sister's living room, various friends and family filtering in and out, a particularly emotional high was hit when my brother came in. I watched my girls take it all in. I worried a little that this was too overwhelming for such young children. Then Banana showed me how wrong I was.

When the conversation lulled, she quietly spoke up. "You know, I was thinking it is like we are all in a room and there are lots of crosses of all different sizes" she paused looking for assurance. Then she continued, "and Jesus loves you so much," she said to my sister, "He chose to give you the biggest cross as a gift."

She understood it all, and I am so thankful for how beautifully she handled the situation.


Regina said...

WOW what insight for a kid!! you sure are doing something right in how you are raising them!!
praying for your sister

Kim H. said...

Oh Nikki, I am praying, praying, like crazy. Your little banana got it spot on. Isn't it wonderful when the little ones teach us grown ups the really important lessons?....

You know I'm sending extra hugs and prayers -- and please tell your sister we're going to keep them coming.