Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lion or Lamb?

I am hoping the cold weather today means March has come in like a lion. While it was sunny and looked nice outside, the temperature had dropped. Or maybe it is just that we have all been couped up inside a little too long with all the sickness we have had lately.These are some photos of my middle children (we do still remember to take pictures of them occasionally). They just had to go outside, even if it was just to walk the poor dog around the house. Poor Bella was shivering in spite of the down jacket she was wearing.

The coat was a gift. In my opinion, no dog should ever wear such a frilly thing. However, I happen to live in a house full of darling little girls who think bundling up a dog and doing laps around the house is tremendous fun. On a cold, rather dull Sunday, I was happy to oblige them in hopes a little activity after all our sickness would do them some good.
I couldn't resist taking a picture of little Bophie with her ribbons in her hair (they looked much nicer before her nap and romp out in the wind). Look at that cute face. She is still all about the jellybeans and keeps asking me when it will be Easter. Since it was Sunday, and she is just too sweet, I let her have a few today. I am sure I will pay for that tomorrow!

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Laura said...

These pictures are so cute and I'm lovin' that dog.