Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Fun: Name the Sign

While in China we found many street signs that we just could not interpret. We had fun giving them our own meanings though. Ever since we have returned I have wanted to share these signs and get your take on them. I know there are so many of you that are funnier than me and I couldn't wait to hear your captions. I haven't posted them hoping I would come up with a clever title for this, but I haven't come up with one. I decided just to post them despite my lame title on Monday for a little fun to start the week. (You can see why I thought you would be able to come up with better captions than me.)

Here's the first installment:

We decided to arrive in China a little earlier than the rest of the group from our adoption agency. I am glad we did, it gave us a little time just to walk around at our own pace. The first day we were there we walked for almost 10 straight hours, just taking in the sites of Beijing. Having never been out of the country, just following street signs and maps was a little difficult. It was fun though, and we felt adventurous.

Somewhere around Tienanmen Square we ran into this sign. We call it "No Exploding Cars Allowed." We felt safe on those streets and hoped to avoid any of the streets where you were encouraged to blow-up your car. Any other thoughts on what a sign like this means?


Don said...

I remember talking about that sign! Did Dave get the picture of "The Hospital of the Femoral Head?"
Kate and I wanted to check out your blog today and got a good laugh! Let's skype this week! Love, Denise

Kim H. said...

Beware of cars with gas? Or drivers with gas? I don't know -- but I'd really like to know the true meaning. I think I like your "Watch out for exploding cars" interpretation.

Regina said...

no macy's thanksgiving day floats allowed