Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Naps

I am not sure we have had a full nights sleep since Banana was born. As a result, Sunday naps had become a real favorite around our house. With just one child it was no problem. We'd keep her awake and then all go down for a nap after a big Sunday breakfast. With each new child, maneuvering a Sunday nap got more difficult.

After Bophie, dh and I struck a deal. I would prefer to sleep later in the morning, he likes a nap. So, I slept in on Saturday mornings while he took the kids, then he took a Sunday nap while I entertained the girls. Sadly, even this has gone by the wayside. There were just too many things to accomplish on Saturdays to allow anyone to sleep in, and even the Sunday nap has been trickier.

Today, however, we somehow managed to get the whole family down for a nap at the same time. All six of us piled into our bed and the baby's bed in our room and took a great Sunday nap. The rainy, gloomy day put us all in a napping mood. Even little Juliana who usually only naps 40 minutes or so is still sleeping after almost two hours. I don't know if she has ever napped this long.

I can't think of a better way to spend a gloomy, March Sunday. Who knows when a small miracle like this will happen again?


Unknown said...

I just got up from a nap myself! So good, isn't it?

Kim H. said...

Family nap day as we call it, is simply the best! Sounds delightful!

Laura said...

Oh, oh, oh that is a GREAT way to spend a yukky Sunday.