Thursday, September 3, 2009

Buckle Up Buckeye Fans

Subtitled "Are you ready for some football?

I am!! We've waited months for this day to arrive.

I l.o.v.e college football. I could easily spend every Saturday, all day, watching games. I like to stay up ridiculously late watching games. I turn my radio dial to sports radio (my kids think there are two radio stations, ESPN and Catholic ESPN -- which is really EWTN).

This college football season I probably won't be able to do all of that. The school schedule is tighter which means I have more house work on Saturdays, JuJu requires more attention, and this little one in utero saps most of my extra energy. I had been feeling a little down about it.

Then some dear friends reminded me of how blessed we truly are. Blessed to have children, blessed to be able to sacrifice for them, blessed to have such good friends. I may not be able to watch all the football I would like, I may not be able to stay up late and tune out on Saturdays... but this Saturday, thanks to these friends, dh and I will be at the game!

I think it is amazing how God takes little sacrifices and blesses them. I know it is a silly football game, but I had been feeling overwhelmed. I had been so worried about all the things we won’t be able to do with six little ones and feeling (embarrassingly) a little sorry for myself. God used good friends and a silly football game to show me that He will always provide, even beyond our needs. Only with His grace will I make it through the next year or two and I need to rely on that instead of being so anxious and overwhelmed.

I have had to warn dh he must wear scarlet and gray. I have been scouring my closet for a good OSU t-shirt that will actually fit over my growing belly. The girls have even caught the spirit and have been decorating the house this morning. What a way to kick off Buckeye season! Go Bucks!!


Herd Momma said...

I don't think our paths cross much in college football so I can say GO RAIDERS and Go Buckeyes. With you and Kim I feel like Ohio is my second state. Tom doesn't understand but, hey, girl friends are girl friens be them near or far.
And I think a little selfishness is healthy. My thought is that I am only good for them if I am good to me. So you sit back, enjoy that game, and don't worry.

Regina said...

NO WAY, I am soooo jealous!! awesome, i hope it was a good time, if not a little worrisome a the end. dumb mark may (i HATE mark may) was like 'navy had ohio state on their heels for 57 minutes. no they didn't. tressel put second string in in the first half. he isn't a 'run the score up' kinda guy and it almost came back to bite them, but it wasn't a close game for most of the game. did i mention i hate mark may?
so fun for you, hope it was a blast!