Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm a Soccer Mom

It's official, today both Banana and Bear had their first soccer games. I have to admit I felt more the soccer mom these last few weeks as I spent most weeknights carting one or the other to practice. They both played hard and both their teams won.
Lest you think I am all that comfortable with my girls wearing blue and gold-- especially on game day. Here are pictures of the little ones as they watched their older sisters win their games.
These faces are just too cute. There will be no picture of the littlest member who caused me a lot of trouble as I tried to keep my shirt over my ever-growing belly :)
It was a beautiful day. A perfect day for soccer games, apparently not such a good evening for football.


Regina said...

luckily it was blue and gold :)
not that it matters. we stink. uh the heartache. seriously 2 more months of this. i dont think i can handle it.

Regina said...

oh and in response to your comment today (i guess i didnt save your email address :(
tug STILL yells at the tv, even when it is an old game. seriously. yells loud. gets worked up. doesn't matter when the game was played. doesn't matter if he knows we win. . . if it is the buckeyes, he is a yellin.