Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It had to be done...

We finally felt we had to let our adoption agency know about our pregnancy. The more dh crunches the numbers, believe it or not he enjoys doing this in his spare time, the more we worry that dh will travel after the baby is born. We are required by law to inform our home study agency and adoption agency within 24 hours of any life changing events. One of those listed is the birth of a new child.

In order to avoid any chaos that might occur if we wait until the next round of paperwork, yes there is of course more of that to finish, we thought it best to find out how the process might be changed. Since all of our information has already been sent to the Chinese government, the birth will primarily change how things with the U.S. are handled. That was somewhat of a relief for us.

How will this effect our adoption? The end result should be the same, there may be a week or two in a time delay, other than that the adoption continues as planned. However, no big surprise here, we have more paperwork and several hundred dollars more in fees to pay. We are still holding out hope that our paperwork will be processed more quickly than anticipated and we can bring little Joseph home before the birth of our little one in January.

Continue to keep him in your prayers. The picture is one from an update we received from his foster home recently. He is almost walking. I am so sad to miss out on these milestones, but thankful he is progressing.


Allison said...

Aww he is just too cute! I will certainly keep your family in my prayers.

Regina said...

he is such a cutie!! prayers continuing