Sunday, September 27, 2009

An Initiation

After close to a decade of parenting, this weekend brought our first ever trip to the ER with one of our children. Saturday morning JuJu woke up with a fever and was hoarse. We decided to try to let her rest and divided and conquered the morning of ridiculously early soccer games and grocery shopping. We then had a quiet day at home. Some napped, other watched college football-- lots of college football. JuJu seemed to grow more raspy as the day progressed. By night time, it was obvious something wasn't right.

I took her to the shower to get some steam. Dh looked up croup on the Internet. It was obvious she was not well and I finally had to take her in to the ER. Thankfully, they took her immediately. I never even sat down in the waiting room. She only threw up 5 or 6 times, she has a tendency to throw up whenever she cries. She threw up the first (and worse time) when the nurse tried to put the hospital admittance bracelet around her ankle. After a few breathing treatments, some steroids, x-rays, and general prodding, we were able to take her home breathing somewhat better.

She is now on the mend, but it sure was scary there for awhile. Dh and I are now just hoping that somehow in the midst of numerous soccer games, soccer practice, long work days, schooling, and life with four kids, we'll be able to catch up on the night of sleep we missed-- but I'm not counting on it. :)


Unknown said...

That is scary when it happens! We've had to go to the ER for croup with a couple of the never gets easier!

Herd Momma said...

Lost sleep is just that. Lost. Gone. Never more to be seen. And the ER trip. well honey that's prep for those boys that are a' comin'. William was our croupy one. Cold air was the suggestion given to us by the respitory therapist. Ofcourse that is easy in winter when the night air is cool. Other times we'd sit him infront of the freezer. :) Having a bottom freezer on the fridge helps. Yes it is very scary. The first few times he was hit bad we'd sit up in bed not sure what woke us. Then we'd hear him. William's barking! And off we'd go one taking the baby to the freezer and the other prepping the breathing machine. They do grow out of it. Just keep the albuterol handy for a few years.