Thursday, April 6, 2017

First Day in Shanghai

We started our first day of site seeing with a walking tour of Shanghai. We know from experience that the only way to battle through jet lag is to walk. So after only about 6 hours of sleep in almost 48 hours, we got up and walked. 

We started with a shopping strand. It was amazing to me to see all the western stores. There was the Gap, a Disney store, a huge Apple store, even a Tiffany store. It also seemed as though Starbucks has also taken over here as we must have passed at least a dozen of them.

Even here they seem to have Beauty and the Beast fever. I thought my girls would get a kick out of this storefront.

We walked the strand very early before any of the stores were open. Still the women gathered in the streets to dance.

After leaving the shopping, we walked the Bund. Perhaps the most well known tourist area of Shanghai.

 When David was here 20 years ago, most of those sky scrapers on the Pudong side of the city were not here.

The buildings on this side of the river, however, are much older.

Our hotel is just a block or two from this clock tower. We here the bells chime all night. Hopefully that will lessen as we get over our jetlag. In the distance is the pineapple building. I took this picture for Sophia, my pineapple lover. :)

After the Bund we walked through an old shopping area. Think trinkets, more trinkets, and more trinkets.

After all this walking we stopped for dinner. We went to a Spanish tapas restaurant, because one always goes to China to find good tapas.

It was excellent! 

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