Saturday, April 8, 2017

Lupin House

Today we had an experience unique to this adoption. We were able to go visit the foster home where Margaret has received most of her care. Lupin Home was an amazing home to several small children. The Lupin Home began when five founders decided to help orphans in more rural areas receive better medical care in Shanghai.

 The house was beautiful, very clean and bright, and the children there were very well cared for. Although the children were shy at first, they eventually warmed to us. It also could have been the jellybeans we brought to share. How fortunate that Margaret was able to receive such good care from such loving people. The kids were so cute, I just wanted to scoop them all up and bring them home with me.

Orphanages from rural areas send children who need surgeries or specialized medical care. Margaret arrived here when she was just a month old. She received the care she needed and then, rather than send her back to the orphanage, the workers found a foster family to care for her. This amazing woman has cared for QiQi (Margaret) for the last year. She clearly loves her very much. Please pray for her. This is her fourth or fifth foster child to be adopted. It still isn't easy, but the care she provides these children allows them to bond with their families and ways that would be impossible without her loving care.

The biggest blessing of the day was that we were able to spend a few hours with our sweet girl. We had a chance to see her in an environment where she was a little more comfortable. We were able to hold her, to play with her, and have a glimpse of her personality. We were also able to have a good conversation with her foster family about her care and daily schedule.

She is definitely a sweet girl. She was wary of us at first, but by the end of the visit we were playing and she was laughing. She likes toys and noises. She has a sweet way of folding her hands and saying thank you. 

It was a real gift to get a chance to spend some quiet time with her before Gotcha Day where she will be in an unfamiliar place surrounded by unfamiliar people.

We had a wonderful lunch and then went back for a nap.

We cannot say enough to thank these wonderful people who do such wonderful work helping these orphans. We are so blessed for all they've done for our sweet Margaret

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