Wednesday, January 6, 2010

They Made It

We had a short conversation via Skype this morning from Beijing. It is unbelievable they can be so far away and yet we can video conference as though they were next door. They both looked pretty tired. Banana only slept a few hours on the long flight to Korea.

I would have joked with them about how tired they looked, but I am pretty sure I looked almost as ragged. The dog was up twice, Juju was up twice, Bophie tossed and turned all night. I am really dragging today. I guess some of my exhaustion was my own fault, the Orange Bowl was on and I couldn't help myself, only a few more nights of college football.

Yesterday, the girls and I made a chain counting down the days until our family is reunited. This morning it looks longer than it did last night. We have a few appointments tomorrow so that should make the day go a little faster. It also means I need to get a better night's sleep tonight.


Kim H. said...


I will plan to pray for your peace -- and restful sleep. Hang in there, honey. So, so much to look towards.

Regina said...

so glad to hear they made it!! good game last night. big 10 had a decent bowl showing this year. . . FINALLY

Unknown said...

continuing to pray, Nikki!

Herd Momma said...

Prayers for all of you. Not sure you will get to bed much earlier tonight. UT vs Alabama. sshhh...we're kinda pulling for Alabama in my house. LIke to see Texas teams do well but UT is just too cocky for us to be able to root for them. Enjoyed the game last night.Enjoy the last of College Ball!